About HYC

The Hatha Yoga Center was founded by Bob Smith in 1977 and it has provided a safe and sacred space to practice yoga for 37 years.  Ki McGraw and Bob Smith have codirected the studio for the past 15 years.  There are many other wonderful teachers at the HYC.  These include: Chris List, Lynn Jensen, Kait Rhoads, Jai McCall-Smith, Daniel Maguire, Tasha Essen, Josh Carvajal, Beverly Denny, and Christa June (go to instructors for information about these teachers).

Bob Smith, Ki McGraw, Chris List, Lynn Jensen and many others have combined their teaching forces to relay a powerful combination of Hatha Yoga, pranayama and meditation. The style of yoga taught is eclectic and invigorating, with an emphasis on core alignment and breathing.  At the HYC we connect the whole body through breath awareness and a deep understanding of how the body works.  We emphasize a strong asana and meditation practice that emerges from the core of the body and the core of the inner self.