50 Shades of Great- 50 Tools for Conscious Living
with Ki McGraw, RYT, HD


50 Shades of Great- Introduction
50 Shades of Great offers 50 tools for conscious living. Utilizing conscious use of senses in concert with the chakras we awaken our greatness for manifestation of our Higher Selves here and now.This course benefits yoga practitioners, teachers, meditators, massage therapists, energy workers, counselors, therapists, life coaches and health care professionals to these 7 steps along the 7 paths for personal and or professional development. Certificate of completion available.

50 Shades of Great-Tool #1
This video offers the first of 50 tools for conscious living. After brief breathing practices and grounding meditation, we explore our values for the betterment of our stress response. Evolving our responses to be less reactive, we strengthen our hearts and immune systems. This provides the basis from which the other 49 tools will be built.

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